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SOA Energy aims to become a leading Natural Gas exploration and production company. The company is currently building an extensive portfolio, on-shore and off-shore, with a strategic focus on the Middle East region, committed to sourcing high-potential exploration opportunities. The company specialises in applying the latest seismic and processing techniques to maximise data quality and increase the chance of successful drillings.


SOA Energy is engaged with exploration and production activities, seeking areas where we can apply knowledge of our multi-discipline highly experienced team of professionals in order to reduce risk, replicate success and create value for shareholders. 

SOA Energy has an active involvement in renewable energy via its subsidiary company SOA Energy Renewables where the company has committed to diversify 25% of its portfolio by 2025 in renewable energy fields such technology, research and projects. 

SOA is committed to sustainability and its portfolio includes sustainable and green energy investments including Hydrogen and Natural Gas. 





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