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Saed Sarsur
Chief Executive Officer 
Yossi Wurzburger.png
Yossi Wurzburger
Off-Shore Advisor

Mr Yossi Wurzburger served until 2021 as Commissioner of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy in the State of Israel, he was the government regulator and was responsible on the government Oil and Gas policies, rules, regulations, licenses, plans and strategy.


Alongside the Minister of Energy, Yossi made all the government Oil and Gas off-shore and on-shore decisions for the past decade. Yossi is considered one of Israel’s top Oil and Gas experts especially off-shore having worked with neighbouring countries including Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and others. 

Mr Wurzburger had an important role in the exploration, development and production of Israel's off-shore fields including the export of gas from Israel to its neighbours including Egypt. 

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