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Saed Sarsur
Chief Executive Officer 
Karina Valieva - Photo.jpg
Karina Valieva
Research Analyst 

Karina joined SOA Energy in 2020 as a Research Analyst at the London Head Office. 

As a Research Analyst, she provides support to various projects within SOA and she has been involved in various on-shore and off-shore projects within the company. Karina generates analysis of geopolitical and economic climate in the regions of operations and potential projects. Before joining SOA, Karina worked with governments, private sector and academic entities in Asia and Europe. 


Karina was born and raised in Tajikistan and completed her education in the UK. Karina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Relations from King’s College London. She also completed her Masters in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently she is pursuing a professional qualification in Global Financial Compliance from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Prior to commencing her education, Karina was a professional swimmer. 

Karina speaks fluent English, Russian and Farsi as well as intermediate French and German. She spends her free time learning foreign languages, volunteering and reading. 

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