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Saed Sarsur
Chief Executive Officer 
Jaklina Rrukaj profile_edited_edited.jpg
Jaklina Rrukaj
Senior Finance Manager

Jaklina joined SOA Energy in 2019 where she started as junior at the Finance Department at the London Head Office and has been in various roles and finance projects including budgeting, financial models, treasury, compliance, banking and corporate finance. Jaklina has also managed budgets for company projects in the Middle East working with leading world-class partners and corporates. 

Jaklina is a Senior Finance Manager, working closely with the Group CFO and Senior Management, she is also responsible for the company finance strategy and working closely with other CFO's group company subsidiaries and finance teams, leading the group strategy and performance. 

Jaklina Rrukaj has a Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance, with a 1st Class Honours degree from Middlesex University. Jaklina also completed a course in Managerial Finance from the distinguished London School of Economics (LSE). She is currently in the process of obtaining a Financial Advisory certification from the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). 


Jaklina was raised in London, and she went on to become a junior Corporal at the British Royal Air Force (RAF). 

Jaklina was an active leader of a debate society, her leadership and problem-solving skills have seen progress well at SOA.

Jaklina's hobbies include travelling, painting, reading and pilates.

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