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Located near the Logistic Center of Tsrifin and Ramla- Rehovot; comprising 292.5 km2.


14.5 km from the producing Meged 5 well and 14.25 km from Meged 6 where a recent successful production test (Nov 2016) resulted in final flow rate of 1,250bbls/day from the same Triassic zones evident in Ofek 2-ST.

Ofek 1 was drilled as side-track to the original David-1 well but did not reach TD (1995). Ofek 2-ST well drilled to 5,950 m (Nov 2013). 



Located 1.5 km north of Kibbutz Afek and 9 km from ORL (Figure 12).

The licence area was selected based on the premise that the relative porosity/permeability of the Triassic and Permian formations would improve with the more Northerly location relative to the original Arabian Massif and thus the trend to marine deposition.

Haifa Bay-1 well approx. 2,100 m (1974) drilled into the late Jurassic, but did not test the deeper Triassic and Permian formations. 

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